“Fashion at 50ish.” As spring turns to summer life slows down, particularly in fashion, and so I am signing off till fall when fashion gears up again big time. Writing that I must add, this is my 85th post! A million thanks to all my readers. Thank you for your kind words, emails, and “likes” on facebook. I am flattered every time. Heartfelt gratitude to my son Jonathan as well—he set me up and solves all my tech problems, there would be no “fashion at 50ish” without him.








“YOU’RE ALL I NEED TO GET BY:” One of my favorite summer looks—so sleek, so 70’s, navy knit tunic from, white flared jeans from, and layers & layers of my own gold jewelry; thank you Jonathan, there would be no “fashion at 50ish” without him

Nothing feels easier than summer fashion. Throw on beautiful flowy tops with white jeans or cropped pants, strappy sandals, loads of chunky jewelry—and you are dressed. All of the “Retro 70’s/80’s rocker glam” looks remain huge for fall—don’t hesitate to buy now, envisioning your favorite tops with black pants, jeans, and biker jackets for fall. As always, all looks are available everywhere at every price point.








“IF  I COULD TURN BACK TIME:” Cher and Diana Ross, from the 70’s, two icons “with attitude and edge,” who are always true to themselves, fashion’s mantra for summer



“DANCING QUEEN:” Cher in a “naked dress” at the 1974 Met Gala with renown designer Bob Mackie—the sheerness, sequins, and feathers are more “in” than ever. Once worn exclusively by his muse Cher, Mackie says it like it is: “Those illusion gowns were intricately made to cover what needed to be covered with perfectly placed, exquisite beading…unlike some of the stars today who are choosing the wrong underwear (think girls whose last name starts with a “K”). Cher never looked vulgar because she had an incredible body and carried it so well…like she was wearing a T-shirt and jeans.” So true—I knew you would love that little story!

But back to summer. Your must-haves? As you head to the beach or barbeques this weekend, think “Boho Meets Disco.” The Mamas & the Papas meet Madonna, 70’s-era Cher meets 70’s-era Diana Ross. Icons who inspired music, culture—and clothes. Picture them every time you get dressed. If you buy one thing, buy something with “attitude.” Choose something individual, something special, something eclectic, something with “edge.” Repeating myself from my last blog, in these tumultuous times, fashion becomes totally inspired by the passion and commitment of women around the world—be yourself, wear what you love, let your clothes show your individuality every time you get dressed.


POSH BOHO, 70’s 2.0: Gigi Hadid in bold blue & white stripes and white jeans in NYC; Naeem Kahm blush-pink caftan with gold paillettes from

Suddenly 70’s double-denim, jacket & jeans, looks great. Jumpsuits are huge, a la Studio 54. Bold color and bold stripes are big. So is all-white or all-ivory; so is pink in every hue. Mix it with lots and lots of jewelry, real or faux. Turquoise, crystal, and colored stones look especially new. Are you wearing one bracelet or one necklace as you read this? Stop right now and go put on another. If you love little pendants around your neck, layer them; if you love little rings, stack them.

RETRO & MODERN AT ONCE: Black & white striped dress with ruffled hem on the runway at Neiman Marcus; navy & white gingham dress at

What else do you want this summer? Black & white or navy & cream. Two eternally chic trends, classic and modern at once. Same holds true for military and nautical looks. Khaki & white, or newer, olive & white. And last, a touch of metallics. Wear them with white (then black for fall). Silver and gold, sequins and paillettes. So Cher, so Diana Ross. Shimmering, not shiny. Accessories? Structured bags. Block heels. Strappy sandals. Details like grommets and studs. Big sunglasses. Something personal, something “you!”







THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Red floral embroidered clutch with gold hardware at; Miu Miu feather & jeweled slides at








MORE IS BETTER: An array of turquoise pendants from Barbara Ellick, Narberth; Alex Sepkus cocktail rings from Jeff Kellmer Jewelers, Haverford

Starting to feel hungry for fashion? Update last year’s looks with something floral, feminine, ruffly—and retro. Long, languid skirts. Flared pants. Go for prints and stripes. Pair “shrunken” tops with wide-leg pants; embellished tunics and flouncy blouses with narrow, cropped pants or skinny jeans. Wear what’s most flattering. Options abound. It’s all in your attitude. Nothing is more “in” than being yourself. Confident, cool, and very chic. That’s truly the signature of the season and the best part of being a “fashionista at 50ish.”


GOOD-BYE TILL FALL & HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! One of my favorite looks of the season, so 70’s/so summer ’17, ivory silk jumpsuit & snakeskin belt at; one of my favorite photos of my dad, Bob Golder, taken on Father’s Day at the shore many years ago 🙂

“And the beat goes on”…“Make the world a better place if you can!” Have a beautiful & safe summer & Happy Father’s Day—I’ll see you in September~ Ellyn Golder Saft

ps. Repeated by popular demand: Delicious fruit pies & tarts become a wonderful sign that summer has arrived, my mom always made the first of the season for my dad on Father’s Day! Here is the recipe for my mother’s blueberry crisp, easy to make and truly one of my favorite guilty pleasures:


3-4 cups blueberries, to fill baking dish

Sprinkle with 1 T sugar

Soak for 1 hour in blueberry liqueur or blackberry brandy, optional

Mix with your hands:

 1 cup oats

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup brown sugar

1 t ground cinnamon

1-1/2  sticks sweet softened butter

¼ t salt

1 cup chopped nuts, optional

Put blueberries in buttered 7×9 inch baking dish

Spread topping evenly over blueberries

Bake at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes until brown and bubbling

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream (1 T of bourbon or rum added to whipped cream gives added spice!)

Enjoy every scrumptious bite!







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